Tuesday, December 15, 2020

12-Days of Christmas - Day 2

It's the 2nd day of Christmas and we have some cute postcards to giveaway.  These are of an amazing embroidered dress from Sweden I saw last year.  

One of my favorite museums there is the Livrustkammaren which is the 'Royal Armory' under the Royal Palace.  It is where all the Royal embroidered clothing and embroidered regalia for horses/knights resides.  If you haven't been there and are going to Sweden in the future - do not miss!  There is so much 17th century embroidery on display - the Swedish royalty was very powerful during the 17th century and they had the money to spend but not the embroiderers in country, so they bought from professionals in England and France.  So you can find some really good stuff there.  

This was a dress made from silver tissue (silver strip woven with silk) and then over embroidered.  It was the wedding dress of Louise of the Netherlands in 1850 when she became the Queen of Sweden & Norway.  The train was just stunning, here are a few better pictures of it.

So if you would like a postcard of the dress - send me an email (tricia@alum.mit.edu):

1) you have to send me an email with "WEDDING DRESS" in the subject line.  

2) You HAVE to put your name and full address in the body of the message (I can't send it to people who don't).  

3) Then send by Midnight EST on Dec 17th

I will pick four winners to send a lovely postcard to after Christmas.


Did you know I did a Fiber Talk Podcast this year?  If you want to listen to how I got my start and why I have been working in historic embroidery for years as an engineer - go here to find the podcast.

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