Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Thistle Threads Shipping Closed April 17th-26th

There will be no shipping done between the 17th - 26th of April.  Any orders during that time frame will be held and filled as soon as we reopen!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Kits in the Store

I have been asked for a long time if I would be releasing any kits for those who want them (instead of taking classes).  There are three kits in addition to the previous ones in the store now.  One, is a cross stitch piece with some fantastic finishing into a bunny basket - the Alphabet Bunny Ensemble Noir.  This piece was developed between me and Marcia Brown Smith of the Binding Stitch.

The second is a kit that I developed for Winterthur for retail and teaching, based on the small casket toys that have been found in over a half dozen cabinets.  Small wired flowers or posies that are made from braids.  The braids are folded onto themselves and quickly joined with a small stitch and then assembled into an arrangement.  Of course the big trick is getting the small braid manufactured in so many colors!!  That took years but now I have a great supply of the little braids.  And maybe more colors now than seen... be on the lookout for more cut posies in the future to join this one.  The kit has enough extra material to make a poesy that is about
twice the size - or to make two.  One for you and one for another person.

The third kit is the new and limited Needlework Nibble in tent stitch over one with a bit of embroidery thrown in.  The kit is in support of conservation of similar family record samplers in the collection of the Lexington Historical Society.


Friday, April 3, 2015

A New Needlework Nibble!!

There is so much to broadcast today!!  The new shop is now open and I hope you like the new experience.  There are new kits, new threads, new spangles, new accessories and more.  Including a set of items on sale for the month of April (until supplies last) by using the code APRIL SALE in the code line during check out.

You can get there by pressing the SHOP button on my homepage and can move back and forth between the teaching site of the site and the shopping side of the site.

To celebrate - I am releasing a new Needlework Nibble in support of the Lexington Historical Society.  This is the society that runs the "shot heard round the world" reenactment and keeps much of the material relating to the American Revolution safe.  In subsequent posts, I will be letting you know about their wonderful sampler collection which was the basis of this Needlework Nibble.  They have several samplers of this type that have been recently acquired which are in need of conservation!

The instructions for the nibble are found here.  The shop page for it is here.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Oprah's Cabinet

Well, you never know who might have an interesting yummy piece of embroidery!  Oprah has an embroidered cabinet and she is doing an auction of many items in her collections for charity.

You can view the many views of the cabinet at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

Lot 124 Sale 140 Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

Sunday, March 29, 2015

New South Wales Exhibition

The National Gallery of Victoria in Australia is having an exhibition of English embroidery, of which 17th century embroidery pieces are prominent.  A lovely article was written about the opening later next week (April 2nd, 2015 - July 12, 2015).
Details of a panel of King Charles I and Henrietta Maria (mid-17th century) done by a 12-year-old girl. It is composed of silk, linen, paper, metal, pearls, coral, wood, and cotton wadding. Photo: NGV

Read more:

And if you can't go down under to see the exhibit - you can see some of the pieces that are on display on their exhibition website.  There is a lovely casket as well.  

Friday, March 27, 2015

2015 Classes - Delay

I have been getting several emails a day requesting info on my 2015 classes.

While I had intended to publicize the courses I would be running by now, the fire at Au Ver a Soie made me wait.  It has been prudent to allow everyone to take inventory of what silks in the limited inventory there awaiting twisting, etc. were affected as well as how the dyeing schedule would be impacted and sorted to replace affected orders from their various industrial customers.

We are still in that process at the moment and thanks for the patience!!  Since so many of the threads I use are converted by other manufacturers from Au Ver a Soie threads, there is a little time delay bubble that will work through the system for a long time.

I am thrilled to see how many people are excited to take the Cabinet of Curiosities course!  I will be getting it and others up on the web for registrations as soon as we complete the process and know where supply delays are.  


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Casket Pictures OnlIne

Sometimes, when the masses request enough - new pictures of embroideries end up online and viewable!  Some of our intrepid Casketeers have been trying to get more views of some spectacular embroideries and were successful in having views put in online catalogs.

There is a lovely casket at the Fitzwilliam Museum and only a very small internal picture (which was stunning) was available.  Now there are two dozen pictures!!!  Grab a cup of tea or coffee and loose yourself in this piece.  It is very 'attainable', done in tent stitch and queen stitch on the outside.  But open it up and all the drawers an sides are done in satin stitch embroidery - quite the surprise!

Thank you to the casketeer (R.K) who was knocking on the door for months hoping for a response for more pictures!!

While you are at it - enjoy this casket on their site as well!