Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Shipping Orders

Well there is a major confluence of events that will be taking me away from my business for the month of April and a bit into May so I will be shutting down all shipping of orders between April 3rd - May 3rd as it will be virtually impossible to do so.

If you have any thread or material needs that you anticipate, especially special order threads - please get the orders in ASAP so I can order them in for you and get them shipped to you.

It's all 'good stuff' and I will be in town for some of it but not able to get to the post office as my time will be wrapped up with conferences, etc.

It wasn't going to be 'that bad' and I was going to be able to juggle things a bit because a had a good stretch between two big things but now I have to somehow squeeze a five day World Robotic Championship in between and four days of driving the robot across the country in there and that just took up all my slack!