Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Did you see Katie's new Pyn Pillow!? YUM

Have you ever started to come up for air and look around and realize it is weeks later?  I came back from the UK on Halloween and it has been a whirlwind of work.  Pack a Frostings Box and ship hundreds (there are a few left with no box - I am running out of boxes).  Endlessly pack and ship the yummy Christmas Baubles ornament kit for all of you getting a little Christmas ornament fun out of your system. And boxes and boxes of the Witney catalogs have gone out the door.  I think everyone has gotten the message that this is a special book and will soon be out of print.  And all the while I was madly writing and filming the Historic Sampler Design Course so several lessons will be up and running when it starts in two days.  I am particularly proud of the course so far.  It will be more than everyone is bargaining for and so I am quite happy with it.  And that wasn't all - but those surprises are for later.

So I came up for a gulp of air to see what else is going on in the stitching world and saw that Katie Strachan (The Queen of Pale is my name for her - stitching - she is a master of light colors) has a new course out to go with her first foray into teaching (The Elizabethan Valentine - which I think has sold out more than once).  It's called the Queen Anne's Pyn Pillow and it contrasts a shinny silver background with lovely silk shaded flowers.  How absolutely yummy!  She had a new color of gilt sylke twist made for it and I luckily got a tube before she slurped it all up for her course.  

The description of the class is here and then you can go to her shop page and register for it.  I heard it is getting close to sold out so if you love it - jump on it.  Can you imagine a shadow box with this pillow in it?  Scrumptious.  I think I would put it near my computer with a note that said 'when exhausted and need to feel like a queen - break glass and rest thy royal head'.  Well I know it isn't big enough but we can dream of such fantastical things when working too hard.  I think we should beg Katie for some video of it moving.  Maybe it has been in her popular Flosstube series but I have been so heads down in my own morass that I missed it.  If so - can someone put it in the comments so I can find it.  I absolutely know this piece sparkles when moved.