Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Store Open for the Rest of Spring/Summer

If you are a frequent visitor to the shop, you know the pop-up that comes up as soon as you land on the page letting you know of open periods.  That is going away temporarily as I am going to be somewhat 'sitting still' for a little bit.  The last two years since major restrictions lifted from Covid I have been traveling like there is no tomorrow it seems.  Between the robotics team needing to travel (we went as far as Australia!), visiting colleges and then revisiting to choose, setting up the kid at his college, graduation trips, and then a very good and long 'empty nest' period - I think I haven't been in the office more than three weeks at a time.  

I still will be in and out but they are small things that won't cause the disruptions to my ability to ship as the last several years have been.   But the fall will bring back some amazing research in far away places - gotta keep the Travels with Tricia going!  I have been accepted to a fantastic once in a lifetime experimental archeology program to explore making 17th century paper - the type used to line caskets - with experts and in a 16th century paper mill.  We will be experimenting with the pigments of the time to figure out how it was done.  I am very excited.  

So I am happy to lift the open periods for my shop for the moment.  Certainly I need to do a bit of spring cleaning while I am at it and get some organization done.  It will be nice to be around for a bit.