Monday, November 15, 2021

Embroidering in Turbo Drive

I have a new deadline that is six months shorter than my old deadline on my Four Seasons Double Casket project and so I have been making lists and stitching like crazy.  Lots of time with the needle and it is producing fast (or sometimes what seems like agonizingly slow) results - why queen stitch!?.  

Here is the current progress of the box.  I was able to recently get the two large slop panels done and even apply the tapes to most of the top (reserving the absolute top tape for when the panel is done up there).   

It was super fun to work the cornucopia representing the bounty of spring and summer.  I have put a few pictures below close up to show the three dimensionality of them both.  

The back has the lion and leopard and a really fun castle.  I am right now doing the front doors who are also Spring and Summer.  Progress has been fast as I am doing all the background and I assume it will slow down soon as I get to the multilayers of the figures with their large pieces of needlelace.  I decided to do something different and take a photo of my progress every day to make a stop-motion of the stitching in progress to match my list making.  So when the doors are finished in December, I will put that mini-film up!

There are still some kits left for those who want to take this course or who already have a double casket and want to buy the kits and instructions only for the box as a stitch-along.