Stitch Along FAQ

I am going to be starting a stitch along on the NING site on January 1, 2017 for former and current students in Cabinet of Curiosities I and Cabinet of Curiosities II - Stumpwork.  There are many questions that students will have and I hope this page answers most of them

Front of the Double Casket Design
What is the cost?

The stitch along is FREE.  The only cost is buying any materials you don't already own.  I will be stitching a tent stitch over one double casket of my own.  If you like it and want the chart for the design on Montrose Linen - there will be a charge for that chart.

Where will it be hosted?

There will be a separate section of the NING site for the stitch along group.  I am upgrading the site to NING 3.0 this month in anticipation.  That will allow a group thread to have the same photo publishing means that the main thread does and will enhance our support along the way with our progress photos.

How will it work?

Right side of Double Casket Design
In November 2016 I will publish the design I will be working as line drawings for download for anyone who wants to stitch along with the same design.

Starting January 1st, we will start design transfer and framing up.  I will be releasing my progress as well as helpful comments and little videos as needed.  We will be trying to stay on an 24-month to finish target with a panel a month and some large panels taking 2-months.  There will be time set aside for all of us to hand-hold while doing the paper finishing of the casket as well.  I will be posting videos of me doing it so you can follow.

I already have a design I want to stitch?

Fantastic!  This is the best excuse to actually trace the design and get working.  No one has to be working the design I am putting up - just post your daily progress/excitement/failures as you do them and we can all egg you on to the finish!

Left Side of Double Casket Design
I like your design but I want a different top or casket type?

You are free to change the design!  I am going to do a bit of tweaking to make the design work for a few combinations (Like the flat top with doors and flat top) and will post them.

I like your design but prefer a higher linen count?

Sure!  Just trace the design (free) onto your linen of your choice and follow along but it is your choice how to fill in the tracing.  I can only provide one chart set - for the Montrose - but you can work the design on any count you want!

I like your design but don't want to do tent stitch?

I would LOVE it if some people chose to do satin stitch or stumpwork on the same design (or a tweaked version).  How exciting it would be to see the results side by side with the tent stitch versions!

Top of Double Casket Design
Do you know how much thread is needed for the tent stitch version?

Not yet - I am stitching as we go too!  I will be keeping track so I can let you know when I need more tubes of the basic set of Soie Paris.  But everyone is also different - some people rip more than others.  Safe to say that the greens and blues will be the ones you will need more of.  The rest of the colors will last you.

How much of the Montrose will be needed?

1/2 yard of the Montrose for a double casket with a bit left over for mistakes (36" x 36").  It is plenty for the flat versions.  Just a warning.  The Montrose is limited - about 50 half yards left.  But I have a really lovely 30 count fabric to add to the store that would also be beautiful.

Back of the Double Casket Design
What is the design of the one you are doing?

Mine is based off the unfinished piece at the MET which is the Five Senses.  That casket isn't a full double casket (missing a layer of friezes) and several of the friezes were cut out, so I have 'completed' the casket using traditional panels by the draftsmen of the period.  I also wanted to change the top and have it be Adam and Eve.

The full panels for print out will be up soon on the Cabinet of Curiosities Part I site for students to print out as they want.  I am also releasing a mini-casket fold up page this month for you all to put together for fun - and to think about the design and if you like it, want to make changes, etc.

What if I want to do cross-stitch or like other counted stitches?

Go for it!  If you are working on the Montrose, try one strand for the cross stitch over one.  I suspect that I will get bored of the tent stitch on some of the big panels and will add a bit of queen stitch or something for the ground to break it up myself.

I already have a Flat Casket with Doors or Flat Casket, can I participate?

You bet!  Either work your own design or take the modified ones I provide for those types of this Five  Senses casket, you just get more months to complete your embroidery than us working a double casket.  This is all about starting and holding hands while jumping in!

I really want to do this but I can't get to a design yet!!

Ok, it is time to get this done - get on NING (email me if you don't have the link/invitation) and start up a discussion thread about your design.  There are soooo many people on it who have either gone through it or love to kibitz on the design process.  Somewhere in there is a suggestion on where-ever you are stuck that will get you unstuck.

Review the designs on the website under Cabinet of Curiosities Part I.  There have been more motifs and design panels added to it since you took the class.  Peruse them for ideas.  There are many "Nelham Style" panels that fill in more of the area and leave you with a oval for your one personalizing motif.  It makes it much easier.

Maybe friezes are your problem, I am uploading a bunch of them in November/December 2016.  As I have been designing that seems to be my biggest problem so we went through and collected all of them off the old caskets.  Seems that they had the same problem in the 17th century and there actually weren't that many!

Many people who had a very, very specific design in mind that was complex and just don't feel they can draw at all and have exhausted all xeroxing from books, etc. that they want to try have used my draftsman to get their design done.  Not cheap, but it has resulted in very happy people.  If you want more information, he has provided me with an info sheet to pass on.

What would the schedule be like?

Month 1 - Transfer/framing, lid frieze right side
Month 2 - lid frieze left side
Month 3 - lid frieze front
Month 4 - lid frieze back
Month 5 - Lid top
Month 6 - Slant Front Frieze
Month 7 - Slant Back Frieze
Month 8 - Slant Right Side Frieze
Month 9 - Slant Left Side Frieze
Month 10 - Front Frieze
Month 11 - Back Frieze
Month 12 - Right Side Frieze
Month 13 - Left Side Frieze 
Month 14 - Right Door
Month 15 - Left Door
Month 16 - Right Side (1/2)
Month 17 - Right Side (1/2)
Month 18 - Left Side (1/2)
Month 19 - Left Side (1/2)
Month 20 - Back (1/2)
Month 21 - Back (1/2)
Month 22 - Cover Casket
Month 23 - Cover Casket
Month 24 - Applying Embroidery and Woven Trim
Maybe I would switch things around as covering the casket mid-way would be very satisfying and break up the tent stitch!   But 24-months seems doable to me.  Its those big panels that are the hardest.  So if we start on all the small ones - the sense of accomplishment might really start to drive us forward.
I have more questions!

Send them on at  I will try to update this page when I get questions that resonate with more than one person.  Also if you really want to do this - send me a note.  I would like to keep track of who is doing it so I can create a smaller mailing list if we need it.


  1. Super! I want to stitch along on my flat top design. Sara Gene

  2. Excited to read about the Stitch Along. I need some structure to my approach to this project!

  3. Thank you so much for doing this. I have been a little over whelmed with the whole casket as I am working on the stump work mirror. I think this is just what I need to get me re-focused. I am very excited about this Stitch Along. Thanks again,

  4. I would love to follow along. Is it too late to be included?
    If not, how do I sign up?

    Thank you so much. This sounds wonderful.


  5. Hi Cindi - you can if you are already part of the Cabinet of Curiosities class (there are about 8 spots left). If not, there will be a stumpwork class with a casket next year.

  6. I would definitely like to stitch along with you. Now that I have done both courses it would be lovely to get started. I feel stuck and don't know where to start.

  7. Hi Trisha
    I am late getting this question asked- is it too late to join the double casket stitch along? I have been part of both cabinet of Curiosities

  8. Tricia- just want to make sure you have me down for the January 1 stitch along-

  9. Do I understand that since I haven't taken part in previous courses, then to join in a stumpwork class with casket next year would be the thing to do? I have only just found you, and wish I had done it a couple of years ago. Is it possible to buy the casket kit without joining in a class please? Sorry if I am asking questions already answered, but I promise I looked first. Lesley

    1. Yes - either joining the current stumpwork course OR waiting until the Harmony with Nature course is up and running. There is far too much information about how to finish the entire casket with papers, glues and etc for the embroidery to just sell a kit. There is a small trinket box kit on the site - which is an all in one but it is a 6" box