Thursday, September 5, 2013

Beaded Basket - Up Close

This is a test post to see if you like this new format for The Embroiderer's Story.  I am torn and trying to figure out how to keep the archive information from the old address.  But Wordpress has become too onerous to care for and a bit buggy.  I am being overrun with spam at the blog as well.  Leave a comment here or at the current blog to let me know what you think.
For those who are working on the beaded baskets for the contest, here are some pictures of the original basket close up to get a sense on how our reproductions are stacking up to the techniques of the past.


  1. I am activating the ability to put comments into the blog

    1. Maybe it is because I am familiar with blogger as I have my own 'diary' but I am loving this format. It is easier to access and the photo clarity is way superior. The background is fab and the larger text/photo area allows for much easier viewing.

      Maybe you could put a link on this blog to your old blog for historical posts?

  2. I love it! It's clean and fresh with less of the black space on the sides. One of the rules of putting together displays is to keep the blank space to a minimum, but without crowding the info. Your test site does this nicely. Also, you look so pretty in your picture with the jacket. One other comment, I would create a page entitled "About Me" and put all that info on it. It takes up a lot of room on the sidebar and you'll want that for your archives as time goes on.

  3. I love this format! Bright and big! Please keep it!

  4. My vote for this new format as well. Much easier on the eyes.

  5. yep, its a keeper Tricia~ you should just keep the old one as is for refrence with a link to it on here~ I vote BLOGGER!

  6. I like it and it seems a lot faster to load, also, which is a plus.

  7. Now this is so pretty!! Nice to see your picture also. This is a very fresh look. Hope you keep it
    Northern California