Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Miss Nibbles Looks for the Secret Drawer

My children have a pet and when we moved, she moved into my office as they no longer shared a room.  Miss Nibbles is now very accustomed to my working in there - especially at funny hours and she enjoys getting treats.

I am trying to train her to help me out - everyone needs a little helper who doesn't get tired running on a wheel!  Here she is trying to find the secret drawers (needs a new place for stash).  I was trying to have her help me write the last lesson to the Cabinet of Curiosities Part I course, but she much preferred the little drawers instead.  Don't we all!

I certainly needed the help!  The entire course ended up being over 1,735 pages long!  Yes that is a lot of motifs, instructions, historic photos and history to write and produce.  It has been fun and really eye opening as well.  I am looking forward to the next class - Part II and getting it ready to go.

For those who are interested in Part I, I had a demand for additional spots and so I opened up 20 more.  So if you missed the fun and regret it - here is a chance to get in on the current encore running.  I have also opened up the Stumpwork course (Part II) for registration today.


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