Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Paper Casket for you to Assemble and Color

I have a new Needlework Nibble out and it is FREE!  This is really fun - a 3" tall paper casket that you cut out and glue together.  They can be colored and embellished as well.  I might post a few of the great ones that people do - send me pictures!

There are assembly photos as well, but these are quick and fun to give away (or put on the Christmas tree).  Go ahead and pass them along to your guild, sampler group or others you think might like it.  I give permission to pass it along - just don't sell it.  Maybe you have a guild dinner or something coming up for the holiday's - this would make a great favor!



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  1. Tricia, just copied the orts box and plan on making more copies for my crazy quilt group as part of our Christmas get together.
    Keep on pushing for girls in science and technology.