Monday, June 23, 2014

Casket Drawer Tape

I am thrilled to have approved recently the first run of tape for casket drawers!  Silver is expensive and it was back in the day as well.  Those crafty 17th century finishers realized that if they made a silk tape with metal center, it would evoke the woven silver trim used to outline the embroidery and yet be far less expensive for the interior where there is a deceptively large amount needed.

This tape was the first off the looms in Europe and is quickly being finished as I know there are many who would like it for their caskets!



  1. Oh, I can't WAIT!!!!! I hate to open the doors on my casket as you can tell that it needs that trim. Thank you soooo much!

  2. That's really beautiful!

  3. Loving it and can't wait to go shopping!!! Rae.

  4. yes please~ me too! Put me down! xoxoxo rachael