Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Friezes have wonderful details!

The friezes are wonderfully colored and detailed on Janice's casket.  She did a lovely job of stuffing and making the animals in them with needlelace to give them dimention over the tent stitched background.  Note that many of the flowers had needlelace petals as well and some seem padded to raise them above the background.

I will give a shameless plug for the Cabinet of Curiosities course here - you can see in some of the details the materials made for the course that give it that wonderful authentic finish - such as the glass eyes, silver tape and tin plated brass hardware.  These are the frostings that help add the it factor to Janice's imaginative and expert stitching.  But I can't take credit for the Ram and the addition of a shell to make his horns - that is all Janice and I just love it!!

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