Saturday, October 25, 2014

New Casket to be Sold

Lot 1 Sotheby's October 28th, 2014 Auction
Sotheby's has a casket in their October 28th auction.  It is a flat stitched piece with the Esther and Ahasuerus storyline.  What is unusual about this one is the big initials on the front (MC) worked in silver threads couched down.  I do like it and that is an interesting monogramming option for those of you designing caskets at the moment.   Note the family crest in between the M and C that incorporates the keyhole.  Very cute.

Enjoy the pictures!  If you go to their site, you can look at the piece closer or prepare a bid.


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  1. Ah - they personalized it for me. How kind! Chortle, chortle.... Wow - I like this box! And not because of the initials, really. I like the back of it best - probably because that's where the most embroidery seems to have survived. But I really like the high, squared lid, and the handles on the site. Esther seems to be such a popular tale to tell in embroidery.... What a grand thing, to be able to embroider such a piece of art, eh?