Sunday, December 14, 2014

12-Days of Christmas Giveaway - Day 1

Yes!  I am doing my 12-days of Christmas Giveaway again this year.  I have been saving or collecting yummy things to give away in the spirit of giving.

Today's item is the 2014 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament Issue and I have more than one copy to give away to lucky respondents.  I will chose the winners randomly from emails I get before midnight EST on Dec 15th.

Send JCS CHRISTMAS in the subject line so I can easily find your email.  AND your post address in the body of the email.  I won't be searching for your mailing address!  Send the email to

Then watch for the rest of the giveaways and you can enter for each every day!


P.S.  Thanks for all the well wishes for my father-in-law.  It has been a rough week and the future is
Total Elation at 460 points in 2 min 30 sec
hazy.  But fortunately we are also deep in our robot competitions and that has been a great way for my husband to keep busy and positive when not at the hospital.  I will leave you with a great photo - my husband made it to the regional competition from the hospital just in time to see our young team have a 'perfect run' of their robot catapulting them to the highest robot score in the state last weekend.   The kids were  understandably terribly excited as you can see on their faces (and they were going against a great veteran team of 14 yr olds).  Every year our mantra is 'one perfect run' in competition and this is the first time it happened in the six years of coaching.  They also won the most Innovative Research Award for their comic book for dyslexic kids which is going to be published (more about that later when it debuts publicly).  Quite the double play by the kids on a day we needed a pick-me-up having both stayed up all night at the hospital.  Saturday they go to the State Championship to see how well they can do.  They have worked 500 hrs as a team this season and it is showing!


  1. Good thoughts going out to your father in law. My father had a massive stroke a few years ago and I was amazed at how much he got back in a relatively short time. I manage and apartment complex for seniors and many of them have had strokes and come back to continue to be able to live on their own with very little if any assistance. Look around for a Rehab clinic that specializes in Stroke Rehab.

    Congrats to your team and the hard work they have put in! What fantastic news that they got a perfect run! Shows what hard work, practice, perseverance and just good old fashioned luck will get you!

  2. I really wish you or someone like you had been available to my kids at that age-to see kids so inspired to work hard on their own time and on their own behalf is such a joy-better than any give-away!
    I'll keep your family in my thoughts and hope for the best possible outcomes for all of you.

  3. Love those boys - and all that you do to enable them. Congratulations on the perfect run and healing thoughts on the way for your father in law

  4. Congratulations to the team!

    I'm really pleased that you have something great to focus on at this difficult time. My thoughts stay with you.

  5. Congratulations on the perfect run! And- it is nice to have something so awesome to focus on when there is so much else to worry about. And as a side note- I loved your ornament design in this issue!