Friday, August 28, 2015

New Class Registering Now

Eve in the Garden of Eden is now registering for a October 1st start (100 spots).  The course is 6-months long and is a project based course (no history).  The project is a small box (about 6" x 4") which is a faux binding.  The top cover can be folded back to place objects in 'the book'.  What you hide in your box is up to you; using it as an etui for your needlework tools would be one idea.

The front and back designs contain a cartouche which shows Adam and Eve surrounding the apple tree being tempted by the serpent.  Around the cartouche, the flora and fauna of the Garden of Eden wind around the faux binding.  The majority of the embroidery is worked in counted tent stitch in silk, with accents in gold and silver threads.  The class will focus on the use of a variety of speciality reproduction threads from the 17th century which will comprise the relief elements of the design including the cartouche and its interior.  Threads such as silk gimp and crenelated gold plate as well as a variety of gold purls and silk purls will be couched down on the counted work providing a rich look to the binding.  The project is designed to be a good introduction for the uninitiated while having new materials to work with for those who are advanced.

A few people have missed the link in the first line to the registration pages where all the details on cost, etc are.  The course is $360 and that can be paid in one lump or $60/monthly.  The rest of the details are here as well as the actual buttons to register.  Currently the course is already 1/3 full.


  1. looks cute but what is the cost? thanks

  2. I'm interested, but would like to know the cost?
    Thank you

  3. Yippee! I've been waiting for this to be announced - signed up yesterday as soon as I saw the announcement. I think this is going to be a lovely lovely project - - photos look rather glamorous!

  4. I am so excited!!! Have been checking regularly for the sign up announcement! This is going to be so much fun.......and I will inch closer to finalizing my casket design!!!