Monday, May 9, 2016

Best (Robot) Mother's Day Ever!!

Ok, yesterday after I wrote that post, I went out for the first time in a week.  And what did I do??  I took the younger robot team on their first research adventure of the 'new' season.  Seems that I only get about a week of 'rest'.

Well, while I was gone I got the BEST present ever for Mother's Day.  I just have to share this one to the world.

Background - when we bought this new house, we converted three rooms in the basement into a big room that could be a robot room as well as media room for the family.  It wasn't even finished being renovated and our teams won the state and actually have never stopped working - so the room never got really finished being organized as we haven't stopped.  The closet was still in the same state when we shoved stuff in there when we cleaned out the moving boxes and needed to put stuff up for them to install the flooring.  I knew we would now have a few months and we had talked about how devastated the area was and needed such a huge clean out - there were three seasons of stuff for two teams stuffed in the corners that needed to be gotten rid of, papers, posters, all kinds of crud.  I expected that in about a month, my family would drag everything out and get to work for a week.

So my son asked his dad to stay behind today and be the adult at home while a few of the kids came over and they promised that they would take down the field and put the furniture back.  I was only half holding my breath on that one, I admit.  Especially when one showed up with a box full of RC cars as I left.

Well they were pulling one over on me!  Two more showed up right after I left (I had their sisters on the little team at the Museum of Science) and they got to work!!  Those kids tore into that room like a cyclone of professional organizers!!!  I came home four hours later (my husband actually had taken a 3 hour nap and never checked on them so he was clueless) and walked downstairs to say hi.  They were in the middle of that last sweeping of the place and I screamed.  It was the best HGTV reveal ever and I started to cry!  Then they excitedly took me to the closets!  I screamed so loud that my husband came down and then he screamed!  You couldn't even close the closet or get to the shelves when I left this morning.  All the robot stuff was housed in the closets, broken stuff was all in the garage trash, the surfaces were all clean and organized.  It was mind blowing - we hadn't seen under the pool table for two years almost!  I had put aside part of May to do this job myself and here it was all done.  And they got twice as much in the closets and storage than I thought was possible - it was amazing!

Then they showed me the time-lapse movie they took while working on the closet.  I had to add a few pictures of the before of the space and then the after and show you all.  It is so cool!  I told them that we could rent them out as a team and fund our new robot parts.  Ha ha.  People would pay good money for that kind of effort.

Best Mother's Day Ever!


  1. just when you think they arent paying attention and are all Mom I need this Mom I NEED that I I I I I .....and they go and surprise us :) Thats awesome Tricia~ My Josh came over to me yesterday and held out his hand...'because its the day and all...and your you " he says.....and he turned over his hand and he had welded me a little piece of metal in his welding class at school~ just a flat piece about the size of a credit card, but he welded my signature (a K inside a Diamond)on the front, and on the back he stamped the date and 'Love U' ....I still cry when I look at it! Ill carry that lil piece of metal around with me forever.

  2. OMG! Send them to my house RIGHT AWAY! What a wonderful gift for you - and it shows how much they honor what you do for them... and how much they understand how much their stuff takes from what you might "normally" do. Great kids in all ways!

  3. I think they call that "paying it forward." What a wonderful gift to come home to.