Thursday, September 29, 2016

Another Pair of Yummy Glove

These gloves are posted on Nicole Kipar's blog about Restoration Costume but without an attribution or link to where they are.  If anyone knows, let me know so I can jot it down.  But they are lovely to look at!  This design style is often seen worked in blackwork as well.  Wish I knew where they were so we could look for more photos of details...


  1. Can you even imagine owning such beautiful things? Let alone actually wearing them (or having someplace to wear them to). How gorgeous!

  2. There is a second photo (detail) on Nicole's site which states Denmark, but probably made in France. Not sure if that helps any at all.

  3. They are from the Swedish Armoury
    While the link shows pink ribbons on the side if you select "Related Images" then the picture you found appears. These images open into wonderfully high res versions.