Friday, April 13, 2018

Latest Progress on Caskets!

I am continuing to do my stitch-along where I am working both a tent stitch double casket and a stump work casket at the same time.

The tent stitch one has progressed to the front of the casket and I now have only the back and the two doors left to go!! I will be done with it this year for sure.

The other casket is the Harmony with Nature casket and I just finished the front of the casket, two lessons ahead of the where the class is currently.  I just have the back and the top to go and this one will be finished.  I am trying to get it done this year or by the end of the summer if I can so I can run the full project class of this piece.  Hard to tell from the far away photo - but this piece is really, really 3-dimentional.  The tulip and rose must come out of the fabric over 3/4" and the lion is so cool.

1 comment:

  1. I really love your Harmony with Nature casket. The lion is amazing, and the rose is just stunning. Your needlelace is so perfect!