Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Collection of 17th Century Embroidery for Sale

This week is antiques in New Hampshire week, part of the Americana circuit that includes NYC in January and thus a good point to go looking for embroideries.  After the sampler, quilt, rug rich auction earlier this week, this weekend has a collection for sale at Northeast Auctions that is rich in 17th century embroideries including at least one casket that was featured in the Cabinet of Curiosities course.

The Susan Mackay and Peter Field Collection is up for sale on August 18th.  Some of the embroideries are below.  The grouping starts at Lot 128 and there are over 20 of them, including a stump work mirror frame that is described in its title as in "attic condition" which I think is the funniest way of saying 'more than a bit rough':

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