Saturday, December 15, 2018

Be on the Lookout - Stolen Samplers

There is a report of two American samplers stolen from a home in Vancouver in late November and we in the historic needlework biz are making sure that the news articles get play so everyone who might buy something or see something can be on the lookout.  This article contains good pictures of the two pieces - one from Ohio (Maria Wise's "Miss Puss" sampler) and one likely from Newburyport, MA (Phebe Sawyer, born 1778).

If you see either of them - please let the Vancouver Police know.  The case number is #2318-18266 and Detective Zachary Ripp is in charge (360) 487-7391 or

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  1. Thanks for sharing! That is just so wrong. So sorry for the owner. I hope with the help of everyone in the stitching/antique community helps find this.