Sunday, October 27, 2019

Cheers to Rita Smith and her UFO

There are days you read a great story that is a counterpoint to the hate spewing these days.  So since it is regarding embroidery - I have to pass it on!

The story is about a stitcher who is a 'finisher' - she likes to finish all her projects lest she go to self described 'project purgatory' after she dies.  So she also feels strongly about some unfinished embroidery projects she finds in yard sales.

Can you believe it?  Often she buys others UFOs to finish!  So she came upon a beautiful embroidery of the USA and its state flowers that was finished and bought it for nothing.  Then in the next rooms was a bin with the squares for a planned quilt of embroidered states and she cried.

She bought it and has now organized 100 people to finish the quit for Rita, who died recently at 99, so she can rest in peace.

Read the full story - its a good one!

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  1. I had been feeling down this past week due to many issues. This story was just what I needed to lift me up again and to rededicate myself to finishing my own projects.Makes me proud to be part of the stitching community

  2. What a great story, thank you for posting it! I have that pattern, but have never started it. Lets see, one stitcher said 20 hours to finish the block she was sent, times 50, plus the stars.... Nope not going to do that math, I'll be afraid to start it ever! But it probably should be started sooner than later.