Saturday, May 16, 2020

A Few Things to Stitch By

There are many 'snips' of culture being put out right now to keep our cultural arts relevant for everyone when we can't visit our museums, etc.  One that I got today was a short spot about an embroidered crazy quilt recently acquired and on display at the American Folk Art Museum.  It is a nice little 'context' video about the object.  I am going to post a few here and there

Curator Stacy C. Hollander talks to NYC-ARTS about the work “Crazy Quilt” by Clara Leon, which is in the collection of the American Folk Art Museum


  1. This is great~thanks for sharing it~ husbands family on moms side is from Vegas...(as in New Mexico)...just about 2 hr from us now~ knowing the area and how dry and brown it is, WHAT a load of colours this would be....not only then, but now as well

  2. Wow, the quilt was beautiful. What a diamond from the past.