Thursday, July 8, 2021

The Casket at Arundel Casket - Conservation

I stumbled onto a wonderful article with pictures about the conservation and display of the Arundel Casket at Arundel Castle.  I really liked the way that they newly displayed the casket so details such as the inside could be seen in the plexiglass case.  

Because it was a conservation, there are many pictures of the inside and parts of the casket as well as the embroidery.  This one is a common shape, not one that I have reproduced but one that is seen quite a bit with the drop down front.  

One of the things that people have a hard time realizing is that these caskets are multilayered with papers and fabrics.  So finishing them is quite the challenge, requiring conservation acid-free papers that are almost like fabric themselves so they can pull across corners without ripping. The added benefit of the paper is that is keeps the wood sap and chemicals from leeching onto the embroidery.  The way they are covered is that the wood is first covered fully with paper and then the silk linings and the embroidery are backed with the paper and then the paper to paper bond is made.  

You can kinda see that in this article with so many of the pieces taken out, the amount of paper/silk lining is a bit more obvious.

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