Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Thank you to all the Voluenteer Stitchers

Stitchers are a generous bunch and I know everyone wants to be part of something larger!  Thank you to the 100+ people who have volunteered through the Frosting Club boxes to get a kit and send me back data.  For everyone else who keeps emailing or posting - I will be looking for more opportunities for you.

This first batch is to see how well the concept works as we are pursuing research funding.  Right now I am doing this on my own dime and so piggy-backing on the Frostings Box shipping made tons of sense.  Then between the donated silks and that - I only have to pay for linen from my own pocket.  The Frostings Box is at a weight that another 2 oz won't change the shipping cost so it was perfect.  Otherwise it would be in the one to two thousand dollars to send out research kits.  

Once we get a grant (crossing fingers) there will be money in it for shipping/materials for such things.  So keep tuned as we do have several ideas where having stitched samples is extremely helpful for data collection to prove ideas about labor or how to deduce if there are multiple stitchers on an object.  

I was able to keep control of the Plimoth Jacket stitching samples and have done work with them in the past, I will be going back to them again soon to do more research and then I have another idea of a stitching sample to engage with the public - THANK YOU!

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