Tuesday, December 14, 2021

1st Day of Christmas Giveaway

It is time for my annual Christmas giveaway blogs!  The rules are simple, you send me an email by a certain cutoff date with a word in the subject line that allows me to easily sort my email and your full address in it - and then you are put in the drawing for that day.  

To kick off the giveaway - I have a full kit for the alphabet bunny ensemble, including all the silk and velvet finishing materials.  

To get into the drawing - send me an email at tricia@alum.mit.edu with BUNNY in the subject line.  Emails for this drawing will be accepted until Dec 15th at midnight EST.  Include your full mailing address.  I won't be chasing people down for their mailing instructions later as I like to only spend a day getting these giveaways out the door.  

Good luck!!

If you haven't been to the blog lately, scroll down for an amazing double casket finished by a student, Rebecca Pearson, in The Cabinet of Curiosities.  Tomorrow I will talk about what is in that course which is now being rerun without a kit as a read-only course.  

In the post previous, I talk about how we have let others sap the fun out of our embroidery and how we need to take that back by ignoring the nay-sayers.  This was the subject of a Fiber-Talk podcast this fall.  It is funny - after that Fiber-Talk podcast, I have noted an increase in students going back to their big projects with a new enthusiasm, realizing that they have let a feeling that others are judging them to interfere with their fun.  Take a read and listen and shed the weights that keep us from loving what we love to do.

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