Wednesday, December 13, 2023

What Women Create Magazine - Janet Brandt in it this Quarter!

You may have stumbled upon some of the great visual art magazines that have popped up on the newsstand in the last decade.  There are several of them in the scrapbook, quilting and general arts area that focus on women's art, women's studios and sometimes businesses.  Victoria magazine was an early proponent of that as well.  Well, recently one of them - What Women Create - decided to profile Casketeer Janet Brandt!  

This is the cover art for the Winter 2023 issue - I think it can be found at Barns and Noble and I am going out for my copy today.  You can also read the story at this link.  

They came to Janet's studio months ago and did really amazing bright photography of her earlier work as well as the four original embroidered caskets that Janet has completed.  It is a really nice story to read and she was so wonderful to mention me and my classes that got her started.  


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