Friday, December 13, 2013

Janet is Already Stitching

I just told you about Janet's design process, well she shared another picture with me of the embroidery in progress.  Her stitching is lovely and implementation of her unique 3-D style is evident (Search her blog and you will find a layering of embroidered items to get a shadowbox effect).  I can just imagine peeking in the window when it is done!  Above is another door idea she was playing with too.

Something about her style reminds me of gingerbread houses; which I love.  We made one this week and the kids are clamoring for more.  Before we got obsessed with robots during the Christmas season, we were obsessed with gingerbread creations.  In the past I have made a moving fire truck; a 3-D sleigh and reindeer, and a scene of houses surrounded by an actual working gingerbread train built on a Lego train base.  You can imagine that the kids bring that one up every year!

If it snows a lot this weekend, I will have to see what kind of trouble we get in with gingerbread.  My oldest knows the signs - three jars of molasses showed up in the kitchen and he is itching to go.  I already came up with an idea.... we will see if I have time.

And for those of you who read the blog infrequently - starting tomorrow you will WANT to read it daily or you will sorely miss out!!



  1. Gingerbread 17th century caskets??

    1. What can I say?! I tend to think way outside the box/casket :)

  2. Nothing wrong with outside the 'norm'. Nothing says outside the box/casket like horror! :) Off to a GREAT start!

  3. I love the look of this work, but I am afraid I have missed out on some vital information. Who is Janet and where can I find her and more about this project please?