Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winners of SANQ magazines

The winners of the SANQ magazine giveaway are - T. Burke of VT, P. Kennedy of NJ, D. Isaacs of NJ, and J. Pennington of ME.  I will be shipping these out this week!  Congrats.

I have more magazines to give away and will be posting them soon.  I am recovering today from a very full day of robot competition yesterday where my Brainstormers took the Champion's award (the all-around) at the regional and my 8-yr old team (a year less than recommended for this!) took an award and a spot at the State competition.  Only 20% of teams advance in MA.  So they all are quite excited and at noon will be here to strategize their work over the next two weeks to get ready for the big game.  Thank god they go to school so I can get things done during the day - they all live here any extra hours they have.  The house is covered in chip bags, lego parts, and poster boards!

Christmas?  Well, if you can decorate a tree in cast off robot parts we might have one.



  1. Congrats to both of your teams!! I hope if you do a robot tree, that you post photos of it so we can see it as well!

  2. Congratulations!!! I'd love to see a robot tree.