Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Amazing Embroidered Feat

For those of you who used to go to Sampler Gathering in Plymouth, you remember Elizabeth Creeden and her lovely shop.  Elizabeth also teaches, lectures, designs and does custom pieces too.  Her latest for a client is an amazing feat based on Alice in Wonderland.

It is embroidered with silk on wool damask and she will be giving a talk on the piece before it is delivered in a few weeks.  It is an original artwork created by Elizabeth, inspired by May Morris's embroideries.  Elizabeth will show some of her drawings at the talk. The piece is 7 foot square, give and take a little - which just blows my mind on size!

The talk is at Hedge House
Plymouth Antiquarian Society
Plymouth, MA

September 21st, 2014 at 2:00pm

I am sure this is really a delight to behold in person as I have seen Elizabeth's work!!


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  1. Tricia -- it is wonderful to see this completed. I remember visiting Elizabeth's home years ago and seeing this piece up close while it was in progress. I have often wondered if it was completed. It is truly a stunning piece, and the volume of work is phenomenal. So glad you posted this -- Alison