Friday, September 26, 2014

Article on Stumpwork

It seems that stumpwork is getting popular again!  At least that is what The Telegraph says.  I think we could have told them that - ha ha.

The article is a nice read and there are a few nice pictures to look at as well.  I really like the one of the woman embedded in the article.  A simple piece that would be lovely framed.



  1. ahhh Tricia~ go look at the tent stitch piece~ comes up second I think in the flash loupe...what are the two comical creatures at each bottom corner...they look like an alligator and a mole to me! Not like anything I have typically seen....they are so cute! xoxoxo rachael

  2. Yeayyy! Raised Embroidery returns! We know what this means....there WILL be a market for all the goodies you have worked so long to rescue! Best news I've read all day! I'm so proud of you and all the manufacturers who are now lined up to make it happen. elisabeth in CT here...