Friday, April 3, 2015

A New Needlework Nibble!!

There is so much to broadcast today!!  The new shop is now open and I hope you like the new experience.  There are new kits, new threads, new spangles, new accessories and more.  Including a set of items on sale for the month of April (until supplies last) by using the code APRIL SALE in the code line during check out.

You can get there by pressing the SHOP button on my homepage and can move back and forth between the teaching site of the site and the shopping side of the site.

To celebrate - I am releasing a new Needlework Nibble in support of the Lexington Historical Society.  This is the society that runs the "shot heard round the world" reenactment and keeps much of the material relating to the American Revolution safe.  In subsequent posts, I will be letting you know about their wonderful sampler collection which was the basis of this Needlework Nibble.  They have several samplers of this type that have been recently acquired which are in need of conservation!

The instructions for the nibble are found here.  The shop page for it is here.

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