Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Kits in the Store

I have been asked for a long time if I would be releasing any kits for those who want them (instead of taking classes).  There are three kits in addition to the previous ones in the store now.  One, is a cross stitch piece with some fantastic finishing into a bunny basket - the Alphabet Bunny Ensemble Noir.  This piece was developed between me and Marcia Brown Smith of the Binding Stitch.

The second is a kit that I developed for Winterthur for retail and teaching, based on the small casket toys that have been found in over a half dozen cabinets.  Small wired flowers or posies that are made from braids.  The braids are folded onto themselves and quickly joined with a small stitch and then assembled into an arrangement.  Of course the big trick is getting the small braid manufactured in so many colors!!  That took years but now I have a great supply of the little braids.  And maybe more colors now than seen... be on the lookout for more cut posies in the future to join this one.  The kit has enough extra material to make a poesy that is about
twice the size - or to make two.  One for you and one for another person.

The third kit is the new and limited Needlework Nibble in tent stitch over one with a bit of embroidery thrown in.  The kit is in support of conservation of similar family record samplers in the collection of the Lexington Historical Society.


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