Monday, May 4, 2015


When looking at the unusual fibers and trims in 17th century embroidery, quickly you realize that there was loose boundary between embroiderers and those making passementerie.  Tassels, ornamental cords, gallons, pompons, fringes, rosettes, and gimps....many of these elements and those to make them show up on the stumpwork.  We have been working with some companies to bring some of these elements back to embroidery for over a year now -- in silk!

Some of the products of that long and difficult effort are coming to the market place now, as seen in this custom tassel made for the keys of our caskets.  There are three colors available of them in my store right now.  The yellow color is available immediately and the blue and pink colors will be restocked in the next week (so there will be a short delay in shipping).  They have been flying out of here!

There are many other elements that are made in this field which are arriving on my doorstep for the Frostings Club and that I will be really excited to share with you in 2015!

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  1. Tricia,
    I cant wait to sign up for the "Frostings Club."Can't sign up for the casket course(haven't finished the gold work yet) but I look forward to a box of goodies to drool over arriving at my doorstep. Love to Miss Nibbles