Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Queen Finally Appears!

I just finished the queen for the right hand side door on the mirror project that is being demonstrated in the Stumpwork Course.  At this point, there is only ten small tassels for the canopy above that need to be made and the embroidery is officially done and the mirror can be finished.  

I wish I could get it done ASAP, but I am off to the Smart Textiles conference this weekend.  This is a conference that I help curate in my engineering field.  So the glueing will have to wait until the interlude with the future of the 21st century is done.  It was a doubly exciting day - I finished this major piece and found out that the patent that encompasses the last five years of R&D that I have been doing got issued!  Yea!!  It covers how to weave in data networks into fabric and then cut pieces of a garment and the predictive math about how to orient the pattern so when you sew it together again - you can reconnect the data network and do a process to connect all the data lines in an automatic way.  Pretty fundamental to the idea of wearables devices in clothing.  

So I guess have been working yet again on the clothing of the past and future!


I will have to add more pictures later - the dress is very three-dimensional and shows
so much movement - but looks a bit flat in this late night light.  


  1. your research project sounds like loads of fun. it will be wonderful to be a part of the future as well as the past.

  2. Congratulations on everything. The past weaves through the future in your work, making it seamless once it is reassembled. You know that, right?

  3. Oh, this is absolutely glorious! What a beauty - your skill is incredible. I'm so pleased to hear how well your "other life" is doing, as well. Not that I understand even a little bit of it, hahaha.


  4. The queen is lovely! I'm looking forward to more pictures. Congratulations on your accomplishments in the past and the future!

  5. This reminds me of a Star Trek episode in which a blind woman wore a dress that allowed her to "see" or maybe sense the area around her. She seemed to be sighted until Spock caught on to what was happening.