Monday, June 1, 2015

Pictures in the most Surprising Places!

Sometimes you are looking for something and you find something unexpected in a place you didn't consider!  That was the case yesterday when looking for pictures of florentine embroidery, up popped a bunch of pictures of Flemish and Italian cabinets from the 17th century with inset embroidery - on the Getty Images site.   This is a site where images taken by Getty publication photographers can be licensed for all kinds of uses.  And low and behold, a bunch of images from a private Italian (possibly corporate) collection.  They aren't high-res, unfortunately, but they do give us many more examples to drool over.

I can't paste any in here, but I can give you the links:

Flemish Cabinet

Italian cabinet with embroidered doors, gold and silk canvas work

Two close views of doors - View 1 and View 2

Cabinet made in Naples, perhaps with florentine embroidery on drawers, or they are lovely flower in satin stitch.

Close view of its central door.

It really makes me want one of these.  :-)  Richard (my cabinet maker for the casket course) has been drooling over these as well.  I just haven't figured out which style (Flemish table cabinet or Flemish tall chest) I want to embark upon.  But I do... saved a spot in the house for such a thing.  But can I embroider as fast as he can make it.  :-)


  1. Count me in on a Flemish tall chest! I'll just arrange to have at least another two or three lifetimes.

  2. I don't know-you do amaze me with how much you can get done, but there's an awful lot of embroidery on those. I think I'd put my money on Richard, unless maybe you insist on tons of fancy inlay. That might slow him down some.