Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Stumpwork Mirror Almost Completed

The embroidery on my stumpwork mirror frame is completed.  This was a project that I designed and worked to give concrete examples of problem solving in the Stumpwork Course.  You can talk about doing something or show the way to do it -- with mistakes and all out for show.

For those not in the course, this was an afterthought.  Instead of doing a bunch of random motifs to illustrate, why not do it as a project and give the students all the instructions for the few who would want to follow along.  The materials were picked mainly from the kits of materials in Cabinet of Curiosities Part I and the Stumpwork Course (Part II) with some supplemental things like gilt sylke twist, the linen, and of course the mirror frame and its finishing materials.

I am really happy that I went this way as the examples really helped communicate and I have a finished piece in my hands.  Now I have to marry it with an already prepared mirror frame, maybe this week.  It all depends on me getting the guts up to do the gluing.  I swear I think about it so much and the actual doing with be in a blink.

Meanwhile it is leaning up in my living room, far from the construction going on in my office, halls, bedroom and soon kitchen.  (hate roof dams!)

If you are interested in learning more about the Stumpwork Course - the link is here and I am registering for 150 spots right now for November 1st start.


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