Thursday, June 4, 2015

Contemporary Casket Article

Embroidered box in collection of Embroiderers'
Guild UK worked by Mrs. Wood.
High resolutionphotos can be purchased on their site.
I have to rave about this cabinet in the collection of the Embroiderers' Guild (UK), made by Mrs. St Osyth Mahala Wood in the late 1930s, a bequest along with many period embroideries in her collection.  Chris Berry wrote a wonderful article, full of pictures of this piece including all the elements; the article is viewable online and worth a cup of tea!

The casket would be a masterpiece even if you never viewed the interior.  The exterior is a series of cartooshes containing portraits of famous Tudor characters executed in exquisite detail in minute silk stitches.  But it is the design of the interior that delights.  Not only is the lid interior a large Elizabethan scene, but their is a series of three stackable trays.  Each tray is subdivided into many vertical compartments with an inset lid that can be removed by pulling a ribbon.  The lids are fully embroidered.  The effect is just jaw dropping.  Something I think I will have to consider - perhaps a trinket box addition!!

If you like mermaids and ships, this box has a fantastic surprise in one of the tray layers...



  1. Might you be suggesting a trinket box course? I would do that.

  2. Well drat!!! Here I thought I was settled on the Five Senses for my casket and then you post this magnificent Tudor themed casket. And of course, I'm a huge fan of the Tudors particularly Elizabeth I.
    Solution may have to be a flat top casket for something like this.
    Claudia McDonald