Friday, June 5, 2015

Jenny Tiramani in New York

The Bard Graduate School Gallery is showing a wonderful exhibit from the Paris Arts des Arts Decoratifs about the structure of garments from previous centuries.  The 17th century is well represented in the exhibition and many amazing lace collars are on view.  I was able to see the exhibit in Paris in 2013 and LOVED it.  I am so thrilled that the exhibit has traveled and I can go back to see it in my neck of the woods. 
Even better, the amazing catalog that I didn't buy because I couldn't read it is now available there in English!  I know what I am carrying home!  

And the icing on the cake is a lecture (that I can't see) next week by Jenny Tiramani - it is entitled:

Stuffed and Stiffened: Multilayered Garments, X-Rays, Revealed Secrets
Jenny Tiramani, Tony Award Winning Costume Designer

Images produced by x-radiography can reveal the materials and construction of layered garments that are often hidden from view. They also provide information that is necessary to understand the structures of many 17th- and 18th-century items, such as women's stays and men's doublets. Using patterns of extant garments that include x-radiographs, together with examples of hand-stitched reconstructions of clothing from about 1600 to 1800, Jenny Tiramani will explore and relate the way these garments gave new shapes to the human body. She will use examples of reconstructed historical clothing and dress someone in them.
June 11th - 6pm-7:30pm.  

If you are in NYC - don't miss this!!  Get tickets to the lecture here.


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