Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Embroidery in WOOD?

Richard pointed out Karl Langerfield's newest Channel collection to me today - and we quipped that we would need to add a new line of wood shavings from caskets to my shop!

Take a look at how amazing wood shavings can be as an embroidery material.  Watch the movie on the site - it is georgeous.



  1. Awesome! would you include a class at House of Chanel on the next European trip? GP

  2. Interesting! The wood bits in the 1st photo are shaped almost like iridescent fish scales I've seen used in embroidery.

    I agree about the itchy, then I wondered how it would be cleaned. Then I remember these garments don't have much in common with the everyday world and mundane things like being cleaned. They are about lovely illusions and dreams.

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