Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Check Out Antiques Roadshow

Wow - it is Tuesday and I am coming up for air.  The robot team has their League Championship on Saturday so last weekend was a blur of activity.  Presentation editing, notebook digitizing/printing, editing summaries, scripts, and more robot work than I can shake a stick at.  Some kids did seven hours straight just on notebook digitizing.  They were a bit fried.  The robot had 'barfed its guts of gears out' when I got back from Sotheby's and it was looking really bad.  Some of the changes to get another function it needed had made previously done functions not work anymore.  Five steps back to get one step forward.  So they were all working feverishly.  Still way too much work for this week after school everyday than we are comfortable with.  By Sunday night, I collapsed into a chair and really didn't care that my beloved Patriots had lost.  I was just too exhausted.  Yesterday I spent it mainly in PJs packing silk wrapped purls into boxes and making that sound 'duhhhhhh' that says you are fried.

One thing that brightened the day was watching PBS non-stop while cutting the purls.  And I came up on an advertisement for this week's Antiques Roadshow (and others emailed me last night as well!) where there was an amazing embroidered cabinet on stand to be shown.  A piece of stumpwork was also in the mix - but I didn't see it on the video.  

You can watch it online.  The cabinet on stand is in the last five minutes of the show but there is a snip on the site too that I have linked.


  1. I had started watching the show, and working on my mirror!, during the last half. I was so excited to see this Cabinet. It would be wonderful to know more about it.

  2. Hi Tricia, it's interesting to see your stories about the robot team, as I just saw that my company (Rockwell Automation)also support this. I saw on our intranet the animation for the "FIRST stronghold" - now I am too old to follow it all - but it certainly seem exciting. I kinda wish I was young and had the brain to follow it.

  3. Ach! What a wonderful post - robot news and that incredible 18th c. cabinet. Funny how the embroidered cabinet phenomenon did linger into the next century in an elaborate, upper class piece - just beautiful. I wish we could have seen what was inside those drawers and doors. I wonder if it resembled the Augsburg and Flemish interiors with the mirrors etc...? Nice stump work panel too...Thanks for posting this :)