Monday, January 4, 2016

Winners of Giveaways To This Point!

Here is a list of the Giveaway Winners up to today ... I sometimes had as many as half a dozen of each and so there are quite a few!

L. Hermann, CA
I. Barnett, New Zealand
J. Ping, CA
R. Homiller, TX
L. Eason, NC
S. Nelson, IN
R. Fields, NY
S. Leloup, CO
A. Davis, CA
B. Keating, MN
L. Goudelock, FL
M. Mallery, VA
B. MacKenzie, MA
R. Brent, TN
J. Heaney, United Kingdomz
G. Posnett, MD
S. Bush, CA
J, Carolane, Australia
L. Blakesley, AK
M. Walker, Canada
A. Garcia, New Zealand
C. Jones, MD
S. Hottle, FL
B. Coffman, PA
C. Hazen, MN
P. Davidson, GA
S. Babbs, IL
J. Briscoe, LA
M. Hunter, MD
C. Hutchinson, RI
S. Kooyman, UT
K. Hamilton, TX
C. Dahlin, CO
D. Brower, MD
J. Sherriff, United Kingdom
B. Reavelry, FL
A. Zemkajute, Lithuania
P. Fowler, TX
C. Hancock, MN
R. Grandinetti, WA
M. Silberhorn, MI
J. Buck, WA
C. Scarbrough, Ohio
K. Hamilton, TX
S. Richards, MA
M.  Kryseski, CO
D. Duran, UT
P. English, KY
T. Patterson, IN
S. Christmer, PA
B. Lund, Denmark
J. Trunk, VA
J. Husin, Australia
M. van der Woude, The Netherlands
L. Arp, IA
K. Jenkins, Australia
R. Carter, MA
S. Bruno, ME

There are a few more giveaways to do.... so enter if you haven't been winning!


  1. My name is on the list! What did I win?

  2. I will have to let you find it in the mail as it was just so much work to get them packaged up - much less write which magazine went to who. :-) A surprise

    1. wonderful, I love surprises....and I'll let you know when it arrives, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart

  3. I see people I know on the list! You've made the world smaller, Tricia! Thanks! GP

  4. Oh, how fun to get a surprise package! Thanks, Tricia!

  5. What a fun surprise! Looking forward to getting the mail. Thanks!

  6. Thanks, Tricia! Looking forward to a nice surprise.

  7. hi,
    i fund my name in list.

  8. Thank you very much ! Lovely surprise to see my name on the list. I have always loved Tokens and Trifles, taught a class using them. I have a collection of antique "bristol board."

  9. Oh oh oh this the first time I have won a giveaway :) thank you
    So surprise frostings box for Christmas and now a surprise magazine that may arrive in time for my birthday next month. This year is starting out well

  10. Thank you for the giveaway prize, I had forgotten I entered, so it was a real puzzle when my magazine arrived with the trifles cards! :D

  11. Hi, thanks for my giveaway. lovely CrossStich magasin