Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Thistle Threads Closed - April 16-May 1st

Well, I was so busy getting out of town that I wasn't even able to post the closing!  It is spring break and time for college visits, followed by our trip to the FIRST Worlds Championship.  I will need a huge break after dragging myself through six states with 1 grumpy teen (this week) and 12 excited teens (next week).

The four to six hours of tours a day is already really old and we are only on college #2.  Three more to go (yea!).  Engineering always has its own tour to add on and yikes these land grant colleges are huge.

So if I am not answering emails that quickly,  I am likely glazing over in some room listening to meal plans and some silly story about how you won't graduate if you step under that arch.  Truly these could be compressed significantly!  I think it is some sort of additional hazing that all families need to go through - you would think that college tuition would be enough hardship.

I will try to get some interesting and useful blogs up over the next few days while soaking my feet.  :-)


  1. Noooooooo - you don't want to be touching something electric with both feet in water! We can wait. :D

  2. LOL I'm living proof that grumpy teenage boys actually become loving adults. It just takes a few years. Keep reminding yourself "this too will pass".