Friday, April 22, 2016

What is in the Second Frostings Box?

18 Trame colors in the bottom of the box
There are so many yummy threads in the Frostings Box 2!  I wanted to highlight a few of them today.  In the last few posts, I went over the new Trame threads, available in 18 colors that look in the box like a lovely rainbow.

There are most of the medium shades of the color families in my collection - the most used when you grab for a thread.

Accompanying these in the box are an assortment of useful threads for 17th century embroidery as well as a few 'Frostings Bonus' items that allow me to release a few small projects without you looking for that really hard
When you open the box
to find item.   Look for those projects sometime in May after I am back from my jaunts in 'teen land' and can get back to finishing them.

The first new sets of thread to mention is the two new silk gimp threads in the two olive colors that were introduced to expand the greens.  We started with a set of soie paris that links to the 199 color in the current green palette and included themin the stumpwork course.  Then a set of silk purls were made in the two colors and now the silk gimps!! This gives those making grasses and trees another set of textures in greens to use which provides a really needed break from the bright green set to add depth to your scenes.

The new olive green silk gimps, the light 199 olive green
is already in the regular green package
Small strawberry forms
Another item in the box is the smaller strawberry forms for stumpwork.  I like these newer sizes for a more delicate look.  There just might be a project in store for them!

My next post will complete the list of items in the box, going over the metal threads that are in it.

Now I have to head off to the last college visit. Pretty tired of walking all over campuses!

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  1. Try Notre Dame-the campus is at least eye candy. Don't recommend it in the winter, though.