Monday, August 8, 2016

A Lovely Casket at the V&A

Object number T.263 to E-1978
I first came upon this casket as a photo in a book that was taken in a conservation facility.  It took a great deal of tracking this piece down through friends in the field to finally find out that the person who conserved it finally donated it to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Finally the casket is now up on their website and you can enjoy it.  The wonderful part of it is the inside!  While the picture I saw (and can't find when I want it!) is of both doors open, at least there is a photo online of one door open.  Object number T.263 to E-1978, it features an unusual exterior and interior design that contains allegories as well as scrolling floral vines with small figures.

There are many other pictures of the casket on the site, enjoy a cup of tea and study them today.

Object number T.263 to E-1978

Object number T.263 to E-1978

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  1. im lovin the windmill...I may need a windmill on one of my caskets :)