Saturday, November 12, 2016

Some Escapism for Your Weekend

Jacquard Velvet Production at Luigi Bevilacqua

Based on the orders this week - many are looking for some escapism at the moment - so I will share something really wonderful today.

I enjoy the video series "The Great Big Story" and today there was a great one - the last traditional velvet weaver in Italy.  In fact, in Venice and going back into the 1400's.  WOW.  So watch the video for some peace of mind and a smile.

Then when you are visually happy again - take a look at their luscious website and DROOL over the velvets.  And then even more happy day... they have a blog - in ENGLISH.  It goes into all kinds of amazing reproduction projects they have done, history of velvet, Venice, weaving, and it goes on and on with eye candy.  These are the people who made those amazing velvets that were in all those 17th century portraits.

So if you need to loose yourself for a few minutes from the world - enjoy where this transports you for a bit.  Ok - I am literally wanting to hop on a plane and tour this place sooooo bad now.

(And if you need a bit of stress shopping - I am cleaning out the bins of left over threads, fabrics, linens, gold threads, buttons, ribbons, floss, etc. from teaching over the years to make room for the cashe of caskets I need to start storing - new things being put up constantly).


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