Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Good Story

Sometimes you need a good story to read!  These days, more than ever.  So here is a good one!  While we were sitting at a dinner after my robot team performed on Saturday in Vermont, Ben's mother turned to Mark's dad and reminded him of their connection - his brother had been best friends with Ben's dad growing up.  Yes!  Well, she said, you should hear what his son (Ben's cousin) had in store for this week...

As we all found out, this week (yesterday) the New York Times would publish a crossword puzzle to commemorate 75 years of puzzles.  And it was invented by Ben's cousin -- 13 years old and the youngest crossword constructor in Times history.

Very, very cool.  But even better - the New York Times took the time to write not one - but TWO articles about it, highlighting the experience and achievement by young Daniel.

Take a read - very cute!  I really like the description of what the author himself was doing at that age in the second article.  While I have met many of Ben's relatives over the years, I haven't met young Daniel but look forward to it at Ben's graduation this year.

Story 1:The Youngest Crossword Constructor in Times History

Story 2:  Archenemy of Buggs Bunny (the theme of the puzzle)

Daniel's Puzzle

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