Thursday, February 9, 2017

God's Confetti Raining Down on Us

Those readers who may have remembered the disasterous winter two years ago when we got 9 feet of snow and the havoc and hilarious pictures that resulted.  You might not have remembered EXACTLY how it all started.

Well, it started with a big snowstorm that was predicted to fall the night after the Super Bowl.  Yea.  The last time the Patriots won the Super Bowl - with a crazy last play (Malcolm Butler).  Hmmmmm.... is this starting to sound familiar?  We had a big super bowl party at our house with about 20 adults and kids that year - including my parents who had flown in for a visit to coincide with the game.

Well, in the middle of the game - all our phones started going off.  Not sure who was more excited - all the kids getting snow days or my mother whose flight was canceled.  Then the dispair of the Patriots looking like they were going to lose turned into elation with Brady pulling it out in the 4th quarter.

Fast forward to this week.  Yea - God is throwing confetti at us AGAIN after a miraculous super bowl win (house was full - 35 people screaming).  This time my parents did get to fly out.  The kids were actually checking the snow day calculator on their phones during the game - hoping against hope.  But apparently God decided to let us think he wasn't going to celebrate with us and waited a few days (perhaps he was still as stunned as the rest of the country).

It is now falling at about 4" an hour.  We had robot kids here all morning - have a competition this weekend in Vermont - and were making good use of our free day.  I took the last one home minutes ago while watching the weather to see when the heavy band would hit us.  I made it back JUST in time - pretty much can't see the houses next door.

In case you don't remember from my blogs - here is a graphic showing the snow totals as a function of date after the Super Bowl that year against common sights here in Boston, such as a fire hydrant, dog and Julian Edelman dancing on a Duck Boat.

Oh PLEASE, PLEASE don't repeat that year.  If the performance of the sports team was any indicator - you will have to send in the National Guard to dig us out in June.   Ha ha.  I JUST finished fixing my house from that year of snow a few weeks ago.  We had to take off the roof down to the rafters and redo it because of the ice damage.  There was so much damage here in New England from all that snow, it took that many years to get contractors.

So the Duck Boats were out in force on Tuesday and the rally was mind-blowing.  There are 4.6 million people in the greater Boston area.  The estimate of people out in the freezing rain for the Super Bowl parade by the MBTA and police - 1 million.  My sister-in-law works on the 13th floor down there in a sound proof building.  She said they couldn't work all day as the roar was deafening inside and the federal court recessed as they couldn't hear in the building.  

So staying tight right now and watching the snow pile up.  Robot kids gone, maybe some stitching will get started!  And yes - the 'game' is still playing non-stop on TV around here, seen it four times now.  

Seems to be some sort of odd weather-dance in New England....again.  



  1. Should I tell you that the temps are supposed to be in the 70's this week-end in NC?

  2. It's a lot easier for us to console ourselves when we remember that we get to live in Atlanta and you guys have to live in Boston.

  3. Living in Minnesota I would enjoy a good ol' blizzard.