Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Back From Vacation

My husband in a stylish French straight jacket - best sling
we ever saw!  Was in a subtle pokka-dot pattern.  Of course,
when we stopped in a store to find a zip up shirt for him
so he had clothes - the French lady found him one that
matched (we didn't notice until later).  You must
look stylish even when injured.  ha ha
Well - back from vacation and a bit worse for wear (although it was glorious).  Both my husband and I injured ourselves on Day 2 of skiing in the Alps with robot friends.  It was a comedy of errors and he was the worst off with a fully dislocated shoulder at 10,000 meters and had to ski down (I was in another town nursing my knee and so couldn't insist on ski patrol).

I took much embroidery and didn't do a bit of it.  So I am making up for lost time this week with my knee up, working on friezes for both Stitch Along projects.  Excited that I am already working on the Short Flat Casket (Harmony with Nature Casket).

For those waiting for items to go back into stock - a few things have this week (the silks/linen will arrive late week for me to reship).  Things that people have been requesting:

Old White Linen 40 ct
277 Soie Paris (that makes all the blues, sky and grass pkgs, and backorders ready to go!)
Short Flat Casket
Flat Casket

There are a few more great surprises in store in the nearish future with threads and I am excited that the next Frostings is getting really, really close...there have been many boxes delivered in the last two weeks with more to come this week and so hope to announce an ability to take the orders for it soon for summer delivery!!

So keep checking in for announcements.


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