Sunday, May 7, 2017

Choices - Tin plated Brass or Brass?

When people are working on their caskets, one of the decisions they have to make is what color hardware to use on their casket.  This decision cascades through and impacts what color of woven metal tape is used and the metal color stamping on the papers that are inside the casket.

What is hard is to visualize the choice.  So I have taken two pictures to show the difference between  the voice of tin coated brass (silver colored), which was the traditional choice, and brass (gold colored).


Top of Tent Stitch Casket with tin plated brass hardware laying on top and edged with silver woven tape
Top of the tent stitch casket with brass hardware on top with the gold woven tape on the edges


  1. Interesting! Who would have thought the hardware would have such an impact!

  2. While both are awesome, I really like the silver layout. It seems to let the fabric scene stand on it's own - not adding to it or taking away from it. So beautiful!