Saturday, May 20, 2017

First Looks at Harmony with Nature Casket

Left Frieze for the Harmony with Nature Short Flat Casket
I am running a course for those already in the Cabinet of Curiosities universe called "Harmony with Nature Casket' that is a stitch-along piece.  It starts on June 1st and will be put on the short flat casket piece.

Later, the casket project course will be opened to other people (i.e. when it is finished) as then I will have a complete total for the piece and can take sign ups.  But most of the threads for this will be ones that have been already sent to the current students through the Cabinet of Curiosities, Stumpwork or Frostings Boxes.  So they can stitch along with me if they don't want to wait.

And the first panel of the box is finished and ready to take a look at - the instructions for the panel will span June and July and will be up for those registered on June 1st.  The materials list for this panel just went to the web guy to be posted by the end of the weekend in the stitch resources part of the website for the class.

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